Our Story

The One Gewog One Product (OGOP) programme is a Royal initiative under the Queen’s Project Office, His Majesty’s Secretariat. OGOP is inspired by the best practices of the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) in Thailand, and was instituted under the overall guidance of a working committee in 2015. OGOP celebrates its foundation on 13 October, coinciding with the auspicious Royal Wedding Anniversary.

OGOP supports community development and the enhancement of the private sector, with a focus on rural grassroots economies. OGOP promotes the production of value-added goods, made with local wisdom, tradition, and utilization of community resources, and strives to develop sustainable and environmentally conscious systems of production. We provides assistance in all phases of the production cycle, from sourcing raw materials, product creation and diversification, value chain improvements, package design, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, certification, standardization, marketing, sales and distribution. OGOP’s key objective is to link authentic, quality Bhutanese products to a larger market.
OGOP products are developed through a community-led, participatory approach with local groups and cooperatives from every Gewog at the center of the programme. With support from partner agencies, OGOP conducts trainings on sustainable use and management of natural resources, group and cooperative formation and sensitization, social enterprise development, technical needs assessment, post-harvest management, as well as practical trainings on product development, alongside providing mechanization assistance to farmers across Bhutan.
OGOP benefits both the local communities with livelihood income to enhance socio-economic wellbeing, as well as customers looking for authentic and natural Bhutanese products.

Why buy OGOP?

At OGOP, every product represents a local farmer or artisan, their families and communities that define our heritage and the Bhutanese way of life. OGOP acts as a platform to connect customers with products that meet high standards of authenticity and local sourcing, with credibility and assured quality, while directly benefitting the livelihoods of local farmers and artisans.